2020 Melbourne Project

Seeded deep in Melbourne's reputation as the live music capital of the world, this project is an experimental collaboration of 3 Melbourne-based master musicians and trio-in-the-making. Central to this initiative is the traditional musical heritage of West African Mandeng culture entrusted to Aboubacar Djéliké Kouyate through his family line as a 'djeli' or 'griot' in Malian society. At the heart of this collaboration is the desire of these three musicians to learn with and from each other, to experiment with Aboubacar's re-workings of Mandeng musical scales, instrumentation and cultural references that underpin his catalogue of original songs. The trio's intention is to generate a stripped back and re-imagined interpretation of melodic African rhythms, meshing Aboubacar Djéliké's exuberant vocal flair with Ferrie's foundational bass lines and Butrumlis'accordian flourishes to form a uniquely Melbourne international sound and experience.

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